Monday, February 16, 2009

Your such a cutie!

Ever have one of these? Cuties are my favorite! I want to share this with you because..YOU need vitamin C. I'm sitting on the sofa watching movie after movie. I feel poopey. These cuties are the perfect fruit.easy to peel. yummy. and a great source of some C. Costco sales them in a box like the picture above. I just can't have enough! If I continue to have them I might turn into one.  

This is a picture that took a couple weekends ago. We had a blast playing that afternoon. She will be using some pictures for her website soooo I will share more when they can be reveled! 


Marilyn said...

I LOVE cuties, I have like 3 of them on my desk right now :)

Mari said...

I'll have to find me some cuties...I have a nice green pear sitting in front of me at work. YUUUM!

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