Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's up to you!

These hotties where nominated by instyle.com for being fabulously fierce on the red. The red carpet. what do you think? My opinion out of all the top 21 choices? I actually have no favorite dress this year but rather favorite JEWELS. Can someone say WOW...Jaw dropping to Angelina's stones?! Yes, I'm fully aware it's excessive but when you pair it up with a black dress & tone it down? Come on she's Angelina Jolie! This year I was more attracted to a particular personality...That someone was Anne Hathaway. Her smile and just plain joy for the actress that won that was not her! I know I sound like I know her. But don't act like you don't do that with your girls..."Did you hear what she did to ______" YOUR GUILTY! Anyhoo I'm trying to make this simple.promise. But I really enjoyed seeing pure beauty. Her smile,class,and poise. She sets an example for young woman she is a lady. 
My least favorite gown that I have seen so far is Beyonce's. Her dress was rated top trends. What was she wearing??!!! The dress that has wowed me most is Miley Cyrus. (Lydia I know you hate it) For some reason I love it! Call me crazy it was gorgeous. I like different, modest, and classy. This was it! What do you think? 


chef4l said...

I kneeeeew you would say that you liked it! She looks like a poppy!

Koko Quiz said...

lol!!! You really knew I would like it? That's funny. I still love you even though we differ on this very important topic ; )

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