Friday, February 13, 2009

Try not to P.M.S.

alright most of you ladies are probably thinking....What is this a lesson on P.M.S.? The answer fellow readers is YES & No

I think P.M.S. could also stand for..... 
PROBABLY MISSING SOMETHING. This week I think I was missing myself. I felt droopy and down. Not sure why but I know I was As I type understand me...I have a smirk on my face. 

Do you ever feel like when your having a bad day or week your I sure do. I think I'm probably missing something good. Like joy,peace,patience, and LOVE. The list seriously can go on. 

I'm Blessed beyond belief and this week I was missing the goodness of life and what God has given me. Sometimes we need to snap out of our bratty bubbles and stop feeling sorry for ourselves because not EVERYTHING is going our way. 
I'm not writing this for you I'm simply sharing what's on my heart. This is nooo slap on the wrist for anyone other than myself. But If you have been feeling what I have felt then please SLAP yourself (on the wrist).I'M writing so that maybe someone else can get out of the slump er stage and take a deep breath forget about bills.clothes.and just SMILE. 

Today is my Friday off. I requested that my boss give me every other Friday off so that I can catch up on my side business project and school. My boss is good (my parents). LOL! 
So the laundry is on a cycle. the dog's been fed. room almost done. coffee made. and now I'm going on a run! 

Life has been busy for Jason and I it's so important that we make time to stop and just spend time with one another. I'm anxiously awaiting to spend my day with him tomorrow. I want to talk, hold hands, and laugh. 

I look back on this week and I had no reason to be the way I was. I was totally & missing all the wonderful blessings in my life. My business is already moving. Dates are set to get things rolling. What more can I ask for? 

Today it is gloomy outside with rain hitting my window. I opened the blinds & windows. I want to hear the rain. Even though it's gloomy and cold I'm not going to let that be the way I feel inside! 

Have a good weekend and please try not to P.M.S. 

PS. WHAT more can I want This man below loves me more than ANYTHING. 
Side Note: IT's Jason under the mask! he he... Mc Cain & I went out on 
October 31, 2008


Mari said...

Hola amiga! I'm catching up on your blogs today.
This is so how i felt last week. Thanks for sharing and being transparent. I really enjoy your blogs and am blessed to read i am with this one :)


Koko & Jason said...

Thank you Mari! I'm happy to know that.


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