Saturday, April 11, 2009

140. & Counting!

Happy New Year!

scratch that...
Today is my 140th POST. Happy New sounded cool...(i think)
This Blog was born on 3/7/08
This was my first post: This is my Diary..... I will do my best to keep it going for my family and friends. My husband and I are recently married and I thought... WOW!! so much happens in your first year I need to share it so here it goes. Well... not NOW in a bit. So hold on sit tight friends and the sharing will begin.

Today: i have tried to keep my diary alive and the more i share the more i enjoy it. it's so relaxing to me. If your a frequent reader..Thank you. Looking back at a few posts from last year...i can't believe how much things have changed. SOO i have to say, i'm proud of myself for my sharing's. i want to document as much as possible..i want to look back like i have today and be grateful for what has happened & what could happen as times goes.goes by. But for now..i see nothing but greatness to come with God's blessing over our lives. i appreciate your comments & love. now if your new feel free to share your thoughts. if you have followed my sharing's (I made this a word) then you know it's changed a bit. At the beginning this was all about Jason & I but as time progressed i realized my love for sharing about other things such as care. animals. & so much more...
i purchased these napkin rings a couple days ago..Don't you think the napkins next to it would go perfecto? Gezz it's like when you buy the perfect dress, you just need to buy the shoes to make it. IT. : ) This all says Spring Fab.!

Your Koko.

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