Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This heart is adorable. Has nothing to do with my post BUT who cares it's cute! 
Hands down. Marc Jacobs is my favorite designer
Marc Jacobs. 2009 Spring Collection.
Awwing. These are some of the advertising photos. If I was able to go on the Tim Gunn show I  would pray that I would get lucky enough to have him design a dress for me! Check out his pieces. They are hard to explain...It's almost everyday wear but because the buttons are over sized and the colors are loud...It would be tough to "pull" of  for everyday. BUT if your anything like me that does not matter.  : ) 

I'm a fan of miss matching and I feel like his garments are just that. A bit of this and that! Just check out his site. 

Marc Jacobs I'm such a fan!!! 

your biggest fan. 

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Marilyn said...

I had NO idea marc jacobs was so hot! thanks for sharing :)

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