Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ohh Joy!

Sorry pictures are bad quality. They where taken with my B.B. 

Reason ten trillion why I l.o.v.e. my huzz man. While taking him to the doctor yesterday..I was pulling into the doc's driveway. When then my big eyes spotted not one/uno BUT two yes dos schnauzers running in & out of the street!! Ohh dear. 

I ran after them picked them up and a nurse runs out saying"are they yours" I say NOOO. She then says she has called the pet people to pick them up BUT she can't bring them in and they keep running back and forth plus the pet picker uppers are FULL. WHAT?? I say.....Who would not take these adorable pups?!! 

I then make a few calls and in NO time they have a home. WAIT for it...MY HOUSE! I gave one to my uncle who's kids have been wanting a dog for sooo long. I kept my girl my baby girl. Meet the new.newest member...DOLLY Cupcake Quiz. Why Dolly you ask? Because she is named after Dolly Parton..HINT HINT. Dolly was a mom and soo she has BOObies. Lol

Zoe my precious angel was spade sooo hence no boobies. Dolly I'm guessing is about 2-2 1/2 she is obedient.gentle.sweet.cuddle bug. loves her other siblings... I already went out and got her a sweater.tag.collar. and charm~ The most amazing boutique owner for pups is in Walnut Creek she is becoming a good friend and gave me 50% off on a sweater for Dolly. I then had to get Zoe a treat so that no jealousy would spread. Ohh my I have 2 girls now. 

Wags & Whiskers Pet Boutique the place to go! Boutique items at a reasonable price. 

J is also in L.O.V.E. as well as my brother ry (jason's brother) he is staying the week with us and well everyone loves her. My grandma on my dad's side had 16 dogs at one time! She lived in Mexico and would always find street dogs. I'm not saying I'll have 16 dogs just saying that I'm a HUGE dog (4 legged baby) lover and I think I got that love for pets from her. Having my pups run around reminds me of her...I'm sure she is proud of me : ) 



Abi said...

mg. she is perfect! LOVE her!and the sweater!! ;)

Mama Quiz said...

Wow, three dogs in one house!! Better stay on your dad's good side! Very cute! I think you find strays wherever you go!!

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