Thursday, April 30, 2009

So not into ____________headbands.

Feather headbands. I know. I know it's a trend and most peeps l.o.v.e. but...I just can't give in. 

This is me. I like this.. Problem is my hair is tooo short right now & it looks silly. 
So I'll try to live my hair accessory dream through you! 
What do you think?
Check these lovelies!! If your a bride or just a Cutie Pie.. DO THIS. 

# 4 & #5 are my personal favorites. Have you ladies noticed it's hard to find nice flowers? I have a hard time finding ones that are good quality. 


Shelby said...

I was having this same conversation in my head the other day. Can I rock this look? I love it soooo much on other people but not sure if it's me. I guess its worth a shot?

Koko Quiz said...

Rock it Shelby! You can....

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