Friday, May 1, 2009

In Minutes..

YUCK! Was my reaction when my sis. in law bought this while I stayed at her house. NOW I'm addicted. I have purchased several boxes of this magnificent yumminess in a box. THE best part, in a matter of minutes it will make your taste buds leap for JOY! Ryan her husband is working here this week and well his wife makes this boxillious (just made this word up) frequently...In order to TRY and make him not miss home so much... I have been making this well almost everyday! 



Mama Quiz said...

Sorry, don't like instant pudding that much, makes your teeth feel fuzzy!! But thanks to Ryan and Abby, Josh and Steven are hooked and now I never have milk!!

Anastasyia And Tiqvah. said...

Ya Steven just sits on the couch eating this in a giant bowl... pretty hilarious looking. But just FWI it taste AMAZING if you add marshmallows + fruit..sounds like poo but omg its amazing :)
Love you Boo-Boo-Butt
-Anna Xoox

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